Jan 12 2011

recording our new album

now recording our 3rd album in Lubreeca Studioz in Patras. Hopefully we will be ready by end March and release it in LP around April…Thank you to George “Homo” and Yiannis “Mooth” for the invaluable help in recording/mixing/editing/mastering…

Update April 2011…we are still on the recording phase. Release date: sometime during/after summer (we hope)

Jan 12 2011

say no to myspace

We have been trying to use myspace for a while just to promote the DIY mentality in music culture. We believed that this way we could broaden the amount of people who could appreciate a negative attitude towards the music industry, mostly people who were not familiar with DIY so far. Until recently, for wrong or right, we believed that we could use myspace with our own rules. Hoewever, we soon realised that myspace was using us. Without our consent there were changes and advertisements in our profile, making us promotional material for money making brands. We never wanted any kind of  pimp or any other to exploit the music and everyone else who wanted to hear our songs and check the band news.  There are other ways to communicate throught free domains and blogs and of cource  we can meet our friends in free places and gigs…That’s why we say NO to myspace!